Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration

Developing sustainable, resilient and inclusive digital infrastructures

We design and develop high quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient digital infrastructures to support social and economic development, with a focus on equitable and secure access. We deliver traceability products across sectors and provide our global clients with consulting and feasibility studies, multi-stakeholder collaboration labs, research & development and venture building solutions.

Maritime Blockchain Labs

Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL) develops blockchain pilot projects together with industry consortia to solve industry-wide problems. Currently sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, MBL is the first industry-led initiative of its kind where we collaboratively source, experiment, prototype and test new value propositions of blockchain and digitisation in the shipping sector. If you are interested in participating as a consortium partner, in sponsoring pilots or becoming a general member please visit our MBL landing page or fill in your info in our collaboration call.

Our Collaborators

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. Whether you are interested in participating, workshopping or collaborating on our initiatives as a commercial operator, startup, technology provider or developer, regulatory body, research institution or an interested party, we want to hear from you!