We connect real world problems, blockchain protocols and distributed technology to build enterprise solutions that contribute to secure and accessible global digital infrastructure

Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration, is the leading service provider for digital solutions that bridge the digital and the physical divide and solve for global challenges facing critical infrastructure. We believe in a systemic approach to building technology, that this development cannot be done in isolation and that solutions will be built upon a range of different technologies combined to deliver real-world value.

Our area of specialisation is in framing problems and connecting the relevant stakeholders across the value chain to develop solutions through collaboratively prototyping and validating blockchain applications to then be accelerated and scaled together with our partners. To support this process, BLOC provides a range of expert services and solutions, such as technical and non-technical training, expert consulting and advisory, and feasibility studies.

Our applications are built together with our distributed community of public and private actors, institutions and technology providers that have come together under the collective ambition of solving for the problems that undermine the core of trust and inclusivity in society.

What we do

blockchain research

Applied Research and Development

Grounded in live scientific research and evidence based recommendations we source needs, develop new ideas and business models, assess technological feasibility, build coalitions, establish best practices, and steer development projects.

blockchain workshops

Seminars and Workshops

We document our research and development work and utilise our network of experts to inform our educational training seminars. We offer a hands-on experience with BLOC's own private blockchain network and guide lean-thinking sessions so that working groups can develop innovative tech solutions to global challenges.

blockchain advisors

Advisory Services

Providing high level advisory services to the international community on program and project scope, policy and market frameworks, accelerator and innovations calls. With our combined technical expertise and international multi-sectoral experience, we help map out key technical, network and community capacity opportunities and challenges.

The Team

Deanna MacDonald


As an advocate for inclusive global scientific governance and open-source technology, Deanna was an early adopter of blockchain technology and has spent the last two years deeply embedded within the community. Her aim as CEO of BLOC is to provide the platform for blockchain solutions that enable a frictionless, peer-to-peer trading economy - created by and for society.

Deanna MacDonald

Karim Jabbar

Industrial PhD Fellow and CTO

Karim holds an M.Sc. in International Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and is currently doing doctoral work at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on industry applications of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Karim Jabbar

Maurice Meehan

Executive Director - Maritime

Maurice facilitates engagement and collaboration among maritime companies and their value chain partners through sharing of best practices, analysis of data on Anti-Corruption strategies and Low Carbon Innovation within shipping as well as cross industry disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, IoT and Blockchain.

Maurice Meehan

Katherine Foster

Katherine Foster

Executive Director

Katherine leads our work in sustainable development, humanitarian and climate change through international collaborations and mandates.

Katherine Foster

Søren Stig


Business Angel and Impact Investor, Søren brings his multi-faceted supply chain expertise, international network and years of global leadership experience to BLOC.

Søren Stig

Märtha Rehnberg


An expert in 3D printing and disruptive technologies, she adds her expertise and experience from 3D printing applications for the maritime and offshore industry to innovate processes and products, as well as her technological advocacy for sustainability and innovation in the maritime and offshore industry.

Märtha Rehnberg

Ann-Christin Weimann

Project Coordinator - Energy

Ann-Christin works as the Lead Researcher and Project Coordinator for the energy sector, advancing distributed ledger technology PoC's to turn-key platforms. She has a personal interest in sustainable supply chains in the food industry.

 Ann-Christin Weimann

jasper van't Veen

Jasper van't Veen

Research Assistant and Digital Guru

Jasper is using his diverse background to support BLOC's various digital projects from A to Z. He is highly interested in blockchains/DLTs as a driver for change and decentralization.

Jasper van't Veen

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