Blockchain and Emerging Digital Technologies for Enhancing Post-2020 Climate Markets

We are pleased to share with you the World Bank publication ‘Blockchain and emerging digital technologies for enhancing post-2020 climate markets’, produced by the World Bank Carbon Markets and Innovation Practice which we co-authored/peer reviewed along with other experts. This ...
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Lloyd's Register and BLOC

BLOC to establish a maritime blockchain lab together with Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (the Foundation) and Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (BLOC) today announced a funding partnership to set up Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), which will explore the use of blockchain for the assurance and safety of critical infrastructure and ...
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So Ein Ding

Our CEO Deanna, was recently invited to the Danish tech show, So ein Ding, to speak about the state of blockchains and what we can use them for. You can see the full episode here (Deanna's interview starts around the ...
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Kristoffer Just ITU

Blockchains can increase traceability in the food industry

An excerpt from the informative interview with Kristoffer Just about his thesis on how blockchain can enable traceability of extra-virgin olive oil. "In a blockchain system, it will be registered each time a product is handled in some way. For ...
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BLOC’s Interview with Splash247: Interoperable Data Sharing Platform

Recently our CEO, Deanna MacDonald, gave Splash247 reader's a glimpse of the new whitepaper that she co-authored which will be 'required reading for all container ship operators'.Visit the article here!MTI-White Paper-Container Streams ...
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Recent Article in Cointelegraph

“A Blockchain-enabled supply chain is highly resilient to cyberattack – a copy of the essential shipping data is stored on each node on a decentralized network, meaning that even if one node is compromised, the data is safe nevertheless.” See ...
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