Prioritising Sustainable Development

Connecting Energy, Finance, Transport and Logistics Sectors

We have developed a coordinated plan of blockchain and IoT pilot projects that allow us and our community to gain experience and create knowledge from live experimentation; to design, build and implement pilot projects in our key priority areas; and to inform plans for full-scale adoption.

Focus areas

Systems Interoperability

Many ledgers/blockchains solutions today are currently reproducing data silos, we need the ledgers/blockchains to speak to one another as well as the legacy IT systems, and IoT devices, and reporting tools to communicate with one another as well.  Making sure that new solutions are interoperable with currently used systems, makes it easier to scale and integrate smaller steps, instead of having to replace large interconnected systems.


Digital systems today are incredibly outdated, fragmented and vulnerable. We need to build digital infrastructure based upon cryptography, permissions and protocols that increase global cybersecurity

Integration, Standardization and Validation

Open testing and validation of pilot projects as blockchain is an emerging technology and pilots have not been tested outside the developer environment, iterated upon or peer-reviewed

We build scalable blockchain applications to create a secure, trusted and accessible digital foundation for our physical world.


Overcapacity, trust issues, decreasing rates and increasing competition from non-traditional players and outdated systems will have a fundamental impact on the industry's long-term prospects for frictionless and accessible global trade.
Therefore, our focus areas are: sustainable supply chains; carbon and emissions monitoring, verification and reporting; single window port systems


Uncoordinated digitisation of grid operating systems and virtually non-existent best practices for secure infrastructure development has resulted in fragmented operating systems, centralised market control and networks built without resiliency or integrity. Therefore, our focus areas are: secure energy commons; blockchain enabled smart sensors; decentralised trading markets and community ownership and operating models.